Forum de l'Économie et de la Finance Chinoises
  Madame Jian WU

Madame Jian WU
Head of the Department of “Economics & Finance”of  ESC Rouen

Formations :

• Ph.D Finance, Université Paris Dauphine

• Master Finance, Université Paris Dauphine

• Master Mathématiques Appliquées, Université Paris Dauphine

• Licence Mathématiques, Université de WUHAN, Chine

Fonction Actuelle :

• Head of the Department of “Economics & Finance”of  ESC Rouen

Publications :

• “Basle II capital adequacy: computing the ‘fair’ capital charge for loan commitment ‘true’ credit risk”, with J.P. Chateau, International Review of Financial Analysis, Volume 16, n°1, 1-21, 2007

“Why have executive stock options met with such success in France?” published in “Resource Allocation and Institutions: Explorations in Economics, Finance, and Law”
, edited by John Roufagalas, 293-310, 2006

Le régime juridique et fiscal des stock-options en France”, Economic Papers of the Luxembourg University Center, N°18, 25-51, 2004

• “Indexed executive stock options with a ratchet mechanism and average prices”, with W. Yu, Finance, volume 24, n°2, 85-127, December, 2003

Concentration movements between European exchanges” (in Chinese), Security Market Herald of ShenZhen Exchange, 2000


Global Conference on Business and Economics, Cambridge, USA

Workshop on executive compensations, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

Eastern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA

Midwest Finance Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA

Australasian Finance & Banking Conference, Sydney, Aus

Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Banff, Canada

Research and Innovation Department of HSBC – CCF, Paris, France
French Finance Association Annual Meeting, Namur, Belgium






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